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Why Turnovers & Mis-hires

Mis-hire and high turnover rates are not just frustrating – they’re also very expensive.

It costs in Salary payment, Reduced productivity, Time, Effort and Replacement rehiring fees.


Why do bad hires happen?

Unsuitable candidates get past the radar usually because important details are overlooked or ignored, due to: 

Assessing a CV is the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, most recruiters tend to be taken in by candidates that look good on paper.


It’s easy to think a candidate is a good fit because they seem nice and got along well with you in the interview. In fact, identifying someone who will thrive in your company’s environment is about much more. You need to ensure that their values, motives, and working style are aligned with those of your company.

However, sacrificing quality to save money is far more costly in the long run due to the negative effects a bad hire can have on productivity and the cost of replacing candidates.

Importance of Company Brand & Image

Gone are the days where a simple job ad would attract the best talent. Now we live in the age of unconscious bias, anti-discrimination, diversity, and inclusivity. Candidates need to know that they are part of the organization, that they are important to the business, and that they are needed.

This is why your company brand and the image you portray are important to attracting the best talent. Brand and image are the first impressions that potential candidates observe. 

How can you improve your company brand and image?

Employee - organisation fit

Why is the Employee-Organisation fit important?


Candidate-job fit refers to how a candidate is suited for a specific role and is crucial for recruiting the right candidate.


If employees don’t feel like they’re in the right place, they’ll end up leaving. But if you hire someone who fits your company culture, they will be much more inclined to stay with the company for a longer period of time.

Therefore, IntRec focuses on both job and company culture fit during our recruitment process, laying the foundations for a lower turnover rate.


Employees who feel "at home" in the organisation they work for generally are happier, which has a positive impact on their productivity—and, of course, their engagement. They’ll need less time to become fully operational, for example, and they’ll boost their colleagues’ morale while they’re at it.


Employees who work for a company that shares their values will be (much) more enthusiastic than those who do not recognise themselves in their company culture at all. 


Intelligent Recruitment leads to increased employee productivity. This emphasises the importance of hiring for culture fit rather than just job position.

Employees who feel like they're exactly where they should be professionally are extremely productive. 


Employee referrals are a great way of recruiting new people. Referrals tend to be operational faster, they are more productive, more engaged, and stay with the company longer. Since these candidates have been recommended by your current employees there’s already been some sort of understanding of company culture.

This means that if you successfully focus on company culture and team fit in your recruitment process and recruit candidates that fit your company culture, you’ll eventually have even more excellent referrals too.


Our Methodology

Our recruitment process is designed to be fully inclusive and prevent unconditional bias. It also eliminates time wasters and window shoppers.  

Our consultative approach enables us to understand the client’s hiring problems and needs. This allows us to build a recruitment process to adapt to the client’s hiring needs. We understand that in order to lower mishire rates, the company culture, as well as the salary and benefit package, must be appealing. The candidates should have the opportunity to develop within the organisation and feel like part of it.

Our methodology includes educating the client about having the right corporate image and offering to attract candidates that believe in the company’s vision and fit in the company’s organisational culture.


What to look for in a Recruiter App?

Easy to use, efficient, and fast application process for seamless recruiting experience

Mis-hire and high turnover rates are not just frustrating; they are also very expensive. Salary Payments, Reduced Productivity, Time, Effort, and Replacement Rehiring fees are all costs. 


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