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Our Methods

IntRec solves the problem of staff recruitment in different locations throughout the country.

IntRec’s recruiting solution delivers outstanding results for a wide range of companies, from coffee shops to multinational companies.


Our Technology


We use NLP and NLU. This is an AI solution used to make human language understandable for our recruitment solution. It employs artificial intelligence to enable successful interaction between software and humans.

Deep natural language understanding enhances search and provides an entirely new way of interacting with data. By combining content processing, ML, NLP, NLU, and voice recognition, IntRec can turn simple candidate and recruiter inputs into AI-powered automated recruitment software. It’s a triple benefit of reduced recruitment costs, enhanced business intelligence, and improved talent hiring.

Personality Analysis

Our Technology

IntRec analyses candidates’ personalities via video. Personality computing benefits from methods aimed at understanding, predicting, and synthesising candidates’ human behaviours.

Automatic recognition of apparent personality is part of IntRec’s automated recruitment process.  

Personality traits are psychological factors that influence an individual’s patterns of behavior, thinking, and feeling and distinguish the individual from others. 


The most mainstream and widely accepted framework for personality among psychology researchers is the OCEAN Five-Factor Model


Openness (O): Appreciation of experience and curiosity of the unfamiliar.

Conscientiousness (C): Level of organization and being dependable.

Extraversion (E): Social activity and interpersonal interaction.

Agreeableness (A): Tendency to work cooperatively with others and avoiding conflicts.

Neuroticism (N):  Emotional instability and being prone to psychological distress.

Prediction Technology

Our Technology

IntRec’s Predictive Technology uses and analyses company data, market data, and historical data to make predictions about the ideal candidate to fit a company’s culture and a job’s requirements.

By identifying patterns in data, predictive technology can provide IntRec with insights on likely future recruitment trends. Predictive Technology allows IntRec to locate trends, assisting us in optimising our recruitment process for better results and giving us the ability to make quicker and more precise recruitment decisions.

AI Job Creator

Our Technology

IntRec’s predictive technology uses and analyses company data, market data, and historical data to make predictions about the ideal candidate to fit a company culture. The IntRec Extended Job Creation Tool is powered by a large amount of data scanned from existing job ads for similar job vacancies or coming from companies that have in the past posted ads through IntRec. The IntRec predictive engine uses this data to define significant language patterns. In this way, IntRec’s Job Creator suggests key questions for the recruiter to ask about the type of personality sought, questions for interviews, testing and evaluation, and other factors that help find the right candidate.

The company (recruiter) enters data on working conditions and remuneration, the desired personality type (or accepts the IntRec proposal resulting from the aforementioned results of scanning the data of existing offers), creates a task for the candidate tests and assessments (or proposes versions for IntRec), defines keywords, proposes questions for the interview, defines criteria for acceptance of the dress code, and has the ability to add a company video to the branding, creating an ideal mix of criteria for evaluating candidates.


Quick Hire

Our Technology

Our mission is to save time, money, and effort for both employers and candidates. This functionality is dedicated to candidates. They will receive only those job offers that appear in the database and that correspond to their preferences (personality, location, etc.).

Multi-Job Posting

Our Technology

At IntRec, we analyse the market to find out where candidates with a particular profile or type are most likely to look. This can be social media, job sites, or specialised sites for a specific sector. Our system learns, based on submitted results, which social media boards or platforms are best suited for advertising a particular type of job offer. The system will work by analysing job ad views and creating a pattern for positioning job advertisements.

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