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More Than A CV

A growing number of companies are disregarding the curriculum vitae during the hiring process – either in part or entirely.

CV based recruitment is being increasingly phased out for several reasons – including awareness around unconscious bias and the potential for fraud

Companies are becoming wiser to the fact that hiring based on qualifications doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the right fit.


IntRec rationale is driven by our desire to create a happier and more fulfilled recruitment process without bias.

This is why we help candidates create Unconscious Bias Free CVs or encourage them to create a one-minute Video CV. Our recruitment process analyses your mental aptitude, personality, and competencies, as well as your CV. A combination of all these processes is used to determine if you’re the right candidate for the position or not. Not just your CV.


The Right Fit

The difference between culture fit and job fit

While job fit is undoubtedly crucial to hiring the right candidate, there are many reasons why candidates that fit the company culture are even more important. Many candidates who are perfect in their job (job fit) leave companies due to hating the working environment (culture fit).

There is a positive correlation between an employee’s culture fit within the company and the employee’s longevity at the company.


Benefits of culture fit include:

This is why you should research and only apply to companies that match your expectations and your personality. 

What is OCEAN Personality?

The Big Five Personality Traits Model measures five key dimensions of people’s personalities: 

This measures your desire for new experiences or your love for routine. A high score means you like new experiences, while a low score means that you like routine and need to know what your job and functions are.


This looks at the level of care that you take in your life and work. If you score high, you’ll likely be organized and thorough, and know how to make plans and follow them through. If you score low, you’ll likely be lax and disorganized.


Measures your level of sociability. Are you outgoing or quiet? Do you draw energy from a crowd, or do you love working alone? Do you find it difficult to work and communicate with other people?


This measures how well you get along with other people. Are you considerate, helpful, and willing to compromise? Or do you tend to put your needs before others’?


Measures emotional reactions. Do you react negatively or calmly to bad news? Do you worry obsessively about small details, or are you relaxed in stressful situations?


OCEANS and Company Culture

Your OCEANS Personality Score determines whether you’re in the right role. For instance, if you scored high on extroversion and openness, you probably feel at home in a sales office. 

If the position you are applying for involves a lot of pressure – for instance, if you must meet ambitious targets or tight deadlines – or if you are isolated in a cubicle for most of the day, you’ll likely find work difficult. This could be because your personality doesn’t suit the type of job you have. 

We advise you to use your personality test results to identify roles or a career that would fit your personality traits more closely. 


Mental Aptitude

What is a Mental Aptitude test or Cognitive test and why is it important?


A Mental Aptitude test is a form of pre-employment test that evaluates how well candidates use a range of cognitive skills. Cognitive skills include sustained attention, reading comprehension, working with numbers, problem-solving, and the ability to comprehend and implement new information.

The ability to measure such aptitude is often an essential indicator of future performance in a role. Mental Aptitude tests are consistently one of the most powerful predictors of success across job types.

Cognitive intelligence refers to the understanding that comes with thinking, experiences, and senses. It also includes intellectual functions such as attention, knowledge, memory, judgment, and reasoning. It also marks the ability to generate new knowledge using existing information.


Video Interview

Benefits of IntRec AI video interview

The logistics of attending in-person interviews can be tedious. Candidates are able to conduct far more video interviews than in person interviews. Video interviews can be taken at any time. You can retake the question and select the perfect answers. This means less pressure and a more relaxed environment.

IntRec video interviews are fully automated. The questions are situation-based, and the answers are analysed and scored with our AI. Since no human interference is involved, all candidates have the same probability of success.


All candidates applying for the same job offer will have the same structured interview. IntRec AI will analyse the responses and score each interview based on the quality of the answer. This removes unconscious bias, where one candidate is favoured over another. Pre-recorded interviews require candidates to follow a set of predetermined questions; they add a guaranteed level of consistency that conventional interview processes don’t have.

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