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Starting Your own Recruitment Agency. 

Is starting a recruitment agency your dream? Having worked in the recruitment industry for some time, this may be your natural progression. However, what if you have little to no experience? Can you still make starting a recruitment agency with no experience work for you?  


Anyone who wants to start a recruitment business, it almost goes without saying, must have passion for making their business succeed.    

Recruitment software 

IntRec will provide you with AI recruitment software. This will be used to evaluate candidates’ personalities, create job postings, test candidates’ aptitudes, and interview candidates via video. This will assess both candidate job fit and company culture fit. Using IntRec to manage all your recruitment selection processes will take this load off your shoulders. 

Hard Work 

Hard work and an entrepreneur’s drive are needed to work tirelessly to capture clients and find talent.

Can you start your own recruitment agency? With a little passion, plenty of research, hard work, and enlisting the help of IntRec, there’s no reason why you can’t make your recruitment agency work! 

Contact us today to learn how IntRec can help you start your own recruitment company. 

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