Predictive Hire

What IS Predictive Hiring

Predictive hiring is a system that uses a candidate’s competencies, personality, and mental abilities to predict the candidate’s desired future outcomes in a given role at a company.

IntRec’s predictive hiring system is intended to streamline the recruitment process.

You most likely already have a hiring system in place where you vet candidates at various stages of the recruitment process, from resume review to interview. But how are you predicting how an individual’s competencies, personality, and mental abilities will contribute to your company? Is it a methodical approach?

Using all of the data and information we have before hiring a candidate is what predictive hiring entails.

Through vetting with IntRec’s AI, the process of guessing competencies, personality, and mental abilities and how they might translate to candidate performance occurs. Using this information, the hiring manager forecasts who will be the best candidate. It is the process of predicting a candidate’s likelihood of success in a given role.

Why Use Predictive Hiring?

Enhance acquisition of talent

Before selecting candidates for interviews, hiring managers reviewed dozens of resumes. There is, however, a serious issue with this procedure. How can you be sure the talents listed on the resume are accurate? Hiring supervisors may be duped by dishonest resumes and taken in by false information. Exaggerating on a CV is something that never gets discovered. When hiring managers discover a candidate doesn’t have the alleged skills, their time is wasted.

Reduce Employee Turnover

How often have you hired someone you thought would be a good fit only to discover that they weren’t? Predictive hiring allows you to distinguish between qualified candidates and those who are simply looking for work.
You will hire employees who will fit well in their new position and on your team if you use predictive hiring. A well-matched placement results in happier employees who are more productive and intend to stay with your company in the long run.


Success Strategies for Predictive Hiring

Knowledge of Predictive Analytics

Recruiters must understand how to use predictive analytics.
Ensure that your hiring manager is familiar with and comfortable with recruitment technology. To determine an employee’s future performance, they will need to learn how to define the company culture and team requirements.

Consistency is essential.
Understanding predictive analytics is important, but you also need a structured recruitment process that produces reliable, accurate results.

Remember to use the information gathered as support. It should not be used to make the final hiring decision.

Keep an eye on new employees to see how they’re doing. When necessary, adjust the system.


Predictive Hiring: Is It Right For Your Company

To some extent, every business employs predictive hiring. The difference is that some people understand how to use it to their advantage, while others are completely unaware that they are doing so.

Using predictive hire interviews can help you find top-tier talent quickly and reduce staff turnover.

Throughout the process, you’ll be able to identify what works and what doesn’t in your hiring system. It boosts recruitment efforts while saving both time and money.

Remember that predictive hire interviews are a tool, not a replacement for hiring managers who have the final say on who gets hired.