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What happens to my private data stored on IntRec?

IntRec stores your personal data on our servers. This enables us to keep matching you with potential employers. However, you can also request that your personal data be deleted at any time. To request the deletion of your data, simply go to your profile page and change your privacy preferences.

What are evaluated in IntRec Recruitment process?

IntRec assesses your abilities, skills, mental aptitude, and competencies. The competencies, personality, and aptitude needed in your IntRec recruitment process are based on research by organisational psychologists about the skills and characteristics that are most important for success in that particular job role.

Is IntRec biased?

This is a very important question. IntRec was developed to work against age, gender preference, and race discrimination and prejudices in recruitment processes. In fact, one of the main reasons we began developing our AI technology was to protect candidates from some of the unconscious human biases that all people, including recruiters and hiring managers, have. Our AI algorithms analyse every candidate equally with the same structured recruitment process. All jobs posted via IntRec must be open to all types of candidates and cannot be specified for a specific race or sex group. We focus on your skills, personality, and mental aptitude only, not how beautiful you are, which school you attended, or which team you support.

Is it better to upload my CV or create a CV using IntRec CV creator?

Most candidates only have one CV, which they use to apply for every job. This is wrong. You should have a specific CV for the position you are applying for. Different jobs require different competencies and skills. This means that the competencies required for one job offer may differ from those required for another. So, we advise candidates to read the job offer correctly and create the perfect CV using IntRec CV Creator.


How would my CV be analysed?

The most important parts of the CV are the competencies, experience, and hard skills required by the employer. IntRec’s AI analyses the CVs for the required competencies and skills.

How can I prepare for an IntRec Pre-employment Test?

IntRec’s Pre-employment Test will analyse your answers to understand and highlight your specific, job-related competencies, like communication and problem-solving skills. For example, for some customer-facing jobs, your interview may contain a question about how you would respond to an angry customer, and you would be prompted to answer with a choice of 3 to 4 different answers. In job roles such as these, your empathy, friendliness, and ability to address the emotions of the angry customer are critical. What to Expect

In a Pre-employment test, you’ll be presented with a questions in multiple choice form (MCQ) – and be given a fixed time limit to respond to all questions. Most Pre-employment test include between ten to 20 questions. Preparing for the IntRec Pre-employment test:

As you prepare for your IntRec Pre-employment test, consider these tips. If some look familiar, this is because they are applicable to any interview situation. The same tips that help you succeed in a traditional interview will also help you succeed in a video-based assessment. Be familiar with the different types of interview questions, and come into the assessment with approaches in mind for responding each type.

Common types of questions you’ll see in a Pre-employment test are:

• Situational judgement questions. You’ll be asked what actions you would take when confronted with a hypothetical situation. • Reasoning skills-based questions.

• Analytical skills-based questions. You can complete a IntRec Pre-employment test anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of this! Be sure to take your test during the time of day you feel sharpest and most alert.


What Technology is used?

Will the INTREC AI video interview have an AI algorithm analysing me behind the scenes? IntRec AI video interview software uses AI technology to analyse your responses. We will analyse your OCEAN personality traits, emotions, and competencies. This will be used to analyse your job fit and culture fit. We use NLU, NLP, and prediction technology to access your interview answers.

Is it true that AI choose who is hired?

No. IntRec is intended to be the first step in the overall recruitment process. We access your job and culture fit using assessments, AI interviews, and personality analysis. The final selection is done by the hiring company. They will be responsible for inviting the chosen candidates to a final hiring interview.

Will I speak with or talk to a person before been hired?

IntRec’s AI recruitment solution is part of the overall recruitment process companies use to hire candidates. It is a simple, convenient first step used to analyse candidates’ CVs, personalities, mental aptitudes, and competencies for determining job fit and company culture fit. Selected candidates will have person-to-person interviews later in the process with the hiring managers. IntRec is used to eliminate the need for CV and phone screening of hundreds of candidates.

Video Interview

Benefits of IntRec AI video interview

The logistics of attending in-person interviews can be tedious. Candidates are able to conduct far more video interviews than in person interviews. Video interviews can be taken at any time. You can retake the question and select the perfect answers. This means less pressure and a more relaxed environment.



IntRec video interviews are completely automated. The questions are situation-based, and the answers are analysed and scored with our AI. Since there has been no human interference, all candidates have the same probability.


All candidates applying for the same job offer will have the same structured interview. IntRec AI will analyse the responses and score each interview based on the quality of the answer. This removes unconscious bias where one candidate is favoured over another.
Because pre-recorded interviews require candidates to follow a set of predetermined questions, they add a guaranteed level of consistency that conventional interview processes don’t have.


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