Elevating Talent Matching with Ethical AI Precision to allow the all-important relationship process to thrive

Wyoming, USA (August 25, 2023)

Acknowledging that the current recruitment landscape is process heavy and expensive, Dr Pawel Pietras (CEO), Dr Maciej Szczepańczyk (CTO), and Michael Ajike (President) have teamed up to create a new era for talent acquisition.

IntRec.io, already live with completed apps on Google Play and the App Store, fuses AI with ethical recruiting standards to create a new B2B powerhouse, allowing Recruiters, SMEs and enterprise-level businesses to expertly navigate what is an increasing labyrinth of candidate selection.

IntRec AI fully automates what is a laborious process of recruitment, from job descriptions through to candidate selection – empowering talent acquisition teams to focus on the most important part of the process: relationships and connections.

IntRec Recruitment Solution
Elevating Talent Matching with Ethical AI Precision to allow the all-important relationship process to thrive

By building a two-sided marketplace, two problems are solved.

First, the challenge of moving with speed to place the right candidates, and second, giving candidates a seamless journey through the many stages of the hiring process.

The Augmented Recruitment Process with IntRec AI:

  1. Intelligent Talent Discernment: IntRec AI sifts through countless resumes, leveraging algorithms to unearth candidates whose CVs don’t effectively sell.
  • Streamlined Resume Analysis: IntRec AI adeptly sifts through substantial volumes of CVs, aligning job prerequisites with candidate competencies.
  • Predictive Analytics Mastery: IntRec gives data-driven projection of candidates poised for success in their designated roles.
  • Cultural and Team Synergy: IntRec AI facilitates this crucial dimension by enabling recruiters to engage seamlessly with potential candidates.
  • Elevated Video Interviews: IntRec AI integrates state-of-the-art video interview tools to orchestrate automated pre-screening interactions.

Innovation has always been at the core of our mission, and with IntRec.io, we’re taking a giant leap forward in redefining how talent acquisition is approached. Our fusion of AI prowess and ethical recruiting standards empowers businesses to navigate the recruitment landscape with precision, while emphasizing the essence of human connections. IntRec.io is our commitment to a brighter future in recruitment,” states Dr. Pawel Pietras, CEO of Intrec.

With IntRec the talent acquisition engine, the recruitment narrative evolves, allowing recruiters to ascend to new heights, orchestrating profound HUMAN relationships between enterprises and visionary talents.

As IntRec curtails bias and expedites the identification of prime candidates for each role, the recruitment landscape charts an extraordinary course toward unprecedented accomplishments.

IntRec AI debuts in the United States, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Spain this year, with a global expansion on the horizon.

About IntRec.io:

IntRec.io emerges in the realm of AI-infused recruitment platforms, dedicated to revolutionizing the recruitment paradigm for recruiters and hiring aficionados across the globe.

With an unwavering commitment to efficiency, excellence, and fairness, IntRec envisions a recruitment panorama characterized by streamlined processes, equitable opportunities, and resounding success.